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We're that one of a kind accounting firm your business needs to work with.



We do three things, and we do them incredibly well.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Understanding financial statements are not easy, we've been there. We'll organize your books, help you understand what they mean and show you how to assess them when obstacles arise.


Let us take control of your business and steer you on a path to financial success for years to come.


If you have questions about your business that you can't figure out, let's work together to find out the answer.

Actions > Words


Years of Experience


Companies Redeveloped


Hours Worked



(Your Business)



Lorraine Wilson builds businesses for tomorrow's problems.

If grit & hustle is the modern day currency, Lorraine Wilson has all of it.

Lorraine Wilson has had anything but a conventional route. From the age of 15, she’s been living on her own, carving her own path that led her to started W&A. It wasn’t something that she was aware of at the time, but trial by fire can sometimes be the best teacher, and that’s exactly what Lorraine has endured throughout her career.


At the age of 23, Lorraine started working in an entry-level position at a company directly out of college. After just five years, she worked all the way up to being the top of the company. With nowhere left to go in the business, she decided to switch courses to a different company, and another, and another, turning them into highly profitable businesses in the process.

In 2006, she would decide to face a completely new challenge, starting a business herself from the ground up. What started off as a bookkeeping and tax business would soon evolve into a much larger ambition.


What Lorraine realized is that a massive gap exists between most business owners books and what is actually happening in reality. The discovery that business owners are often not prepared for what lies ahead, launched Lorraine to create a unique program that prepares business owners for the real world.


Regardless of where you may be in the process, W&A works with you to find out exactly where you want to go and help you get there.

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"Wilson is my gold. My business can't run without them."

Gabriella Spring





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