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At Wilson and Associates we offer personalized, custom services to small businesses across the Central Coast.

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Wilson and Associates was started 9 years ago because of the obvious need that our local small businesses have. Large companies can afford to have a controller, CFO and/or managers, where as our local small business cannot afford to make those kinds of investments necessarily. Does this mean that they don’t need those types of services? No, what it means is that there is a huge breakdown between what happens in the actual business to when they see their CPA every year.

At Wilson and Associates we believe in giving our clients all of the essential tools and guidance that they not only deserve, but need. We work with small local companies to teach them how to keep in tune with the financial heartbeat of their business. To understand all of the hurdles and triumphs as they happen. It is not necessary to just overcome obstacles, but sometimes the success of our businesses can consume us as well! We work with our clients on a customized level that empowers them to be better business owners. We do not believe there is only one way to accomplish a task, our goal is to figure out what our clients need and create solutions specifically for them.


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